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Premium Content

Our extensive experience gives us the edge in our content.

Focused Support

It’s about quality here, not quantity. You’ll feel special, as it should be.

Continuous Growth

You can’t know everything. We help you getting closer. Why stop now?

Analysis like no other

We don’t define CryptoCue as a signal group, but rather as a trading environment where we encourage growth and share relevant information with our members.

CryptoCue’s mission is to help you grow and become a profitable trader, which usually follows this path:

Educational Knowledge

Sharing educational content and books to curate your knowledge.

Sharing Crypto Experience

Along with our ideas that have proven to be reliable through statistical means.

Turning Strategy into Code

that you can trust while running on your own environment using technology from our partners.

Discuss, trade and grow

while trading in a profitable manner until you become financially independent.

Redefining Trading

It’s not just about receiving calls, is about doing the right investment: the one you understand.

Algorithmic Trading Assistance

Using open source technology to automate your trading style with our traders assistance.

Advanced Coin Reports

Descriptive, beautifully explained reports just for you.

Highly Secure & Reliable

In addition to good content, you need a platform you can count on. Our blog and trading assistance are second to none in terms of performance and security.

  • Fully Encrypted
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • CDN
  • 24×7 Live Support
  • Telegram Channels
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  • PHP 7 Ready
  • Multiple Data Centers
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Why the CryptoCue Team?

The people behind all the magic are on a mission to make crypto trading a different experience.

Profitable Knowledge

We have gotten on top of the game and have made a profit with our knowledge. We just decided to share it now!

High Tech Structure

Have been using only the best platforms since we started. Performance and quality are our priority.

Extensive Experience

Our team has traveled to more than a dozen countries, talked to experts and participated in countless conferences.

Vast Analysis

Combining technical analysis with backtesting techniques, and mixed with our experience is what makes the difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are our prices so cheap compared to the competition?

Usually, our competitors are not focused on helping you grow but rather make you a follower which then they can milk out of their money while keeping you ignorant. Now you don’t need to worry, everything is free!!

How long have you been around?

We have been here since 2016 but we started researching crypto back in 2010, we have been through the bubble, the bear and the prosperity of crypto markets.

Will you help me craft my strategy that caters to my trading style?

Yes, we’ll help you identify which kind of trader you are and help you automate your ideas so you can live your life and just monitor your trading bots rather than being in front of a charts 24/7.

How can I join the Cue Chat?

Here →  CHAT

Is there anyway to follow the trades you publish on telegram automatically?

Yes, you can develop your own telegram parser tool or you can use one of our partners, cornix.io.

Do you have any programmers available to develop other tools?

Yes, we have different partners that could help you on request, this is usually a third party which will require additional payment for their work.

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