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Quedex is a new alternative into the Bitcoin derivatives market, offering the safety of being the World’s first regulated crypto futures and options exchange. Above all, feature that is meant to act as a gateway for financial institutions into the crypto markets.

Regulatory Status

Quedex Limited (Quedex) is a regulated Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider, licensed and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission under the Financial Services Act 2019 with licence number 19135 . The licence authorizes Quedex to use distributed ledger technology for storing or transmitting value belonging to others in connection with:

  • The operation of a secondary market venue for trading virtual assets derivatives; and the provision of custody services.

Trading Fees

Another strong factor that Quedex brings to the table is that they offer extremely low fees (Maker: 0.03%, Taker 0.05%) . When you enter a trade  with a market order you enter as a “taker”. However, when you place a limit order and fill the order books, you enter as a “maker”

For instance, when you compare it to the other strong, already established exchanges, just the taker fee is about 0.075%. Therefore, to enter the trade you are spending about twice as much and you have none of the government reputation backing the institution that holds your assets. There are no deposit fees for the website and currently, BTC withdrawal network fees are free of charge.

The account creation and verification process at Quedex is pretty simple. Allowing for even the less technologically apt people to breeze through this proceeding.

The website offers up to 10x leverage for BTC Futures and 10x leverage for their Options. In addition, Quedex claims that 100% of their BTC is stored offline and withdrawals are checked manually which will require multiple signatures.

Register on Quedex HERE and enjoy discounted trading fees!


Sometimes all the terms and complex nature of the different assets can be overwhelming to some of us. The team took this into account and prepared a set of amazing articles in their tutorials section. With the mission to help, new traders know more about Futures, Options, Hedging, and Arbitrage. 

In addition, aside from the written content, a series of videos is also available, so you may learn the basics and more advanced concepts of their trading instruments.

User Interface

The futures platform UI is pretty intuitive, showing everything that you would ever need with a simple look. 

Most of the websites today hide important information behind account details. For instance, your current Balance & Margin, among other things. However, we can appreciate what Quedex has done with it by making this information transparent, and easily reachable.

Quedex Trading Platform UI

The orders tab is very intuitive, as you can get the prices filled up automatically by clicking on the price listed. In addition, It sports a few tabs that show multiple standard percentages that are really important at the moment of setting a stop loss or a take profit.

Their Options UI it’s a little bit rough around the edges,  however, the platform Is in its early days, so they have time to work this out.

Customer Support

Every company is as strong as its weakest link. Being this the reason many companies develop a bad or infamous reputation and sometimes not getting far at all. These are some of the reasons why we believe that customer support is a vital part of any platform.

And Quedex is doing a great job in this area since they provide both email and phone support. Something that is really uncommon in the crypto sphere, but it’s really good, as sometimes you need your voice heard.


The Quedex team is composed of a group of highly skilled individuals each in their respective area. Getting together to form the amazing project that Quedex aims to be, as it tries to revolutionize the Bitcoin derivatives market.

CEO – Wiktor Gromniak

With a background in computer science and quantitative finance Wiktor is an expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He has theoretical and hands-on experience with cryptography and blockchain development and holds a MSc in Mathematics from the University of Warsaw.

Chairman – Wojciech Kostrzewa

With over 28 years of experience as a C-level executive in leading finance and media companies, Wojciech brings exceptional pedigree to Quedex. Current and former commercial positions include CEO Billon Group Ltd, Chairman of Warsaw Stock Exchange, CEO mBank and Head of Commerzbank CEE Division. He is an Economics Graduate from Kiel University in Germany.

CTO – Maciej Chałapuk

Maciej studied Computer Science at Lazarski University and at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. During his decade long career he has built a track record of delivering complex software systems for telematic, telcom, internet sales and fintech companies. At Quedex, Maciej is responsible for leading programming teams and maintenance of development roadmap.


With a board of advisors of seasoned investors and very valuable professionals, Quedex is sure to be in good hands, as these mentors are there to properly advise the team on potential opportunities.

Crypto economic Advisor – Llew Claasen

Llew is a blockchain investor and advisor, specializing in cryptocurrency economy design and decentralized business models and product architectures. Cryptocurrency bull. Managing Partner at Newtown Partners, former Executive Director at The Bitcoin Foundation.

Advisor – Professor Philip Treleaven

He is a pivotal figure in the European academic finance world and was responsible for setting up unique collaborations with Reuters, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and other leading investment banks for his department. Philip’s deep knowledge of the industry and his close relationship with the UK regulator and his excellent business network, not just in Europe but also in Southeast Asia, helps Quedex establish itself in central markets.


In conclusion, Quedex is providing an alternative to Bitcoin derivatives markets, a place where you can trade futures and options alike. Above all, the main selling point of this exchange is that you can rest assured that your money will be in good hands. As the Quedex team has managed to do something that no one else has in the Crypto sphere. Becoming the World’s first regulated crypto futures and options exchange, Licensed by the Gibraltar Financial Service Commission. 

In addition, some of their other features include extremely low trading, and withdrawal fees, increasing the institutional appeal. Quedex is definitely trying to become a big competitor in the space, and it’s starting forth in the right direction.

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