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Quantis Network uses a hybrid consensus mechanism to protect the network from centralization. Users may support the network and earn rewards through proof-of-work mining or proof-of-stake validating. Users can also help to strengthen the network and earn rewards by operating a master node.

Coin details

  • Consensus Algorithm: X11 (Custom Blockchain)
  • Block size: 2MB
  • MB Block time: 90 seconds
  • Tx/secs: 173 TPS (Theoretical Maximum)
  • Mine-able: No
  • Stake-able: Yes
  • Masternode Support: Yes
  • Masternode Collateral: 10,000
  • Minimum Confirms: 6

Key metrics

  • Price: $0.000566 USD (0.00000007 BTC)
  • Circulating Supply: 185,412,110 QUAN
  • Total Supply: 354,470,275 QUAN
  • Exchange Volume: $12,803
  • Network Value: $104,887 (13 BTC)
  • Maximum Supply: 1,100,000,000 QUAN
  • % of Max. Supply Minted: 32.22%
  • Network Value at Max. Supply: $622,600‬
  • Exchange Volume-to-Network Value: 12.2%
  • Category: Ultra-Lowcap
  • Average Price (30-Day): $0.0006
  • Average Network Value (30-Day): $76,766
  • Average Exchange Volume (30-Day)-to-Network Value: 6.92%
  • % Price Change USD (30-Day): -38%
  • % Price Change USD (1-Year): -99.65%
  • USD All-Time High: $0.479
  • % From USD All-Time High: -99.9%
  • Premine % of Max. Supply: N/A
  • Premine Location: N/A
  • Liquidity (calculated as the sum of BTC in the buy-side with 10% of current price across all exchanges): 0.1056 BTC
  • For Quantis there was not an ICO, Pre-Mine, or Investment on anyone’s behalf. Even though there was a test net where 1055 coins were mined to try the blockchain and the pools, both the blockchain and the Pre ANN were reset for the official launch.
  • Pre-launching Quantis specs
  • Total Supply: 15,000,000
  • QuansSymbol: Quan
  • Algorithm: SCRYPT

Block Information:

  • Block Time: 55 seconds
  • Block Size: 25mb
  • Block Difficulty: 5
  • Blocks Block Maturity: 50 Blocks
  • PoW Block Reward:
  • Block 0-50 = 5 QUAN
  • Block 51-555 = 1055 QUAN
  • Block 556-1555= 55 QUAN
  • Block 1556-Halving every 500,000 blocks= 5 QUAN
  • PoS Reward: 5 QUAN 60% to masternodes, 40% QUAN to Staking
  • Masternodes Collateral: 5000 Masternode enable at block: 1000 PoS
  • Minimum Age: 24 hour
  • PoS Max age: No Max age
  • Block Reward Schedule:6d 11h 48m 32s
  • Average Block Time: 1m 28s
  • Current Block Height: 136633


Wealth Distribution.

Key features and highlights

Quantis Network allows users to perform p2p Intranet File Sharing, Anonymous Transaction, Decentralized Tools, and Applications all self-sufficient and sustainable.

As the project is still in progress, the idea is to create a Decentralized app store so users can start developing apps for the community to use. Also, the use of Instant tx, master nodes, Decentralized tools, intranet filesharing, and decentralized Applications gives Quantis the basics for a secure a viable platform to communicate and transact without intermediaries.

Team overview

Quantis team.


The community for Quantis Network is almost as dead as something can be. There are 1300 members in their telegram group, with only a bot relaying messages from discord, and the conversation cycles around “Good morning” and “Hello”.

Their discord is composed of around ~170 members, the same 10 guys are the ones trying to keep a conversation but it’s mostly idle talk about when moon or some insignificant gibberish about BTC volatility.

Twitter on the other side has about 3000 followers and no engagement, every post has the same 3 likes and no comments, regardless of them posting or retweeting what “MasterTrader777 #BNB” was shilling about the project, no real content overall.

No one has contributed to their github in more than a year, so as far as we know these are just fanatics trying to justify their bad decision making when it comes to investments, as a project can’t be less active than what we have here.


Quantis Roadmap
Quantis Roadmap.


This all sounds ideal but this is basically just another privacy token, doesn’t provide any advantage over the more popular and used ones like Monero or Verge, more than 70% of the supply is held by less than 25 addresses, this just seems like another attempt at a money-grab.

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