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Mobius aim is to connect every device, developer, and data-stream to the blockchain ecosystem. It allows the developers to effortlessly incorporate the blockchain into any application, smart device, or a data-stream.

Moreover, the ultimate goal of Mobius is to empower developers to decentralize the process of app development with the help of blockchain technology. Finally, the Mobius Token is the payment unit in the Mobius Network.

Mobius Ecosystem

The decentralized app store (DApp store) is one of the 3 pillars that serve as the foundation of Mobius Network, the other two being the Oracles, and the Smart Markets.

DApp Store

  • Mobius’ main goal is to create a universal decentralized app store. With the features and importance of Google Play Store, and Apple App Store, where users can easily find DApps. While paying for them using MOBI ( Mobius token).
  • The use of MOBI in the DApp store will ease the process of in-app payments. Rewarding the users and the developers by overcoming the high fees that have to be paid in the current app stores.


  • Smart contracts are automated agreements triggered by events, which are provided to them by oracles. Which performs pre-programmed tasks based on data inputs.
  • A proof-of-stake protocol is in place to incentivize oracles to provide correct data and penalize oracles that provide incorrect data. The Mobius Universal Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol will require oracles to vest and stake MOBI tokens before inputting data into the blockchain ecosystem.

Smart Markets

  • The Mobius Blockchain Smart Markets Protocol allows the community auctioneers, market designers, and game theorists to work with developers to design and deploy smart markets to enable the trade of commoditized data and services in a secure and transparent fashion.
  • Decentralized smart contracts or end-users submit bids to buy and offers to sell data or services in a commoditized manner.
  • Smart markets are designed to reduce transaction costs significantly and eliminate externalities while allowing for competition not possible in more traditional settings.

Social Media

It’s hard to talk about their presence on social media, as they don’t seem to focus too much on this, being that they haven’t been active on any of them since the end of 2018.

The team, like Steve Jobs with Apple, seems to think it’s not very smart to tell competitors of their advancements, so they have basically gone stealth mode until the cryptocurrency bear market is over. 

It actually makes sense in a way if you think about it, as news in the current market situation doesn’t have much effect on price movements. And if the objective is to elevate the price of the token with news, it’s better to wait until the market is in an uptrend.

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Coin Details

  • Market Cap: $3,340,756 USD
  • Market Cap ATH: $61,039,877 USD
  • Current price: $0.006486 USD
  • Price ATH: $0.452703 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 515,082,884 MOBI
  • Total Supply: 888,000,000 MOBI
  • Total % of the supply released so far: 58.0048%


David Gobaud, CEO serial entrepreneur, previously co-founded Pluto Mail and Yoshi.

Cyrus Khajvandi, COO previously founder of Incentru, and Middleware Consultant at Oracle.

Monis Rahman PhD student at Stanford in Computational & Mathematical Engineering, previously CTO of Next 2 Percent.


The Mobius Network team is advised by a group of highly celebrated crypto entrepreneurs. Among them we can find, Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple and Stellar, Jackson Palmer, creator of Dogecoin, and Daniel Cawrey, Co-Founder & CEO Pactum Capital.


Mobius Network is a project that tries too hard at too many things. As they want to develop 3 separate ecosystems, for other projects it’s their main focus. For example, Chainlink with Oracles, and way too many are working on DApps.

As time flew by, their team made a choice to focus strictly on its development disregarding the marketing side. At this point as they say, there’s no point in marketing. As it won’t have much effect on the market, even tho it would be good to keep their investors informed on how the project is progressing.

Now there are rumors that they’re trying to integrate Mobius with a new project called “Passfolio” as they both have the same CEO.

Passfolio is an app that integrates Gemini and DriveWealth. Allowing you to trade stocks and cryptocurrencies in a single place, with minimal fees. This may go in accordance with quotes from CEO David Gobaud. Saying how they’re working on a press release, and how excited he is about this new project.

People seem to think that the idea of what Passfolio is doing will be big, as they have apparently been approved by the SEC and have patents on all their stuff (below is a link with all the patents).

Buying a bag of MOBI is definitely an idea worth evaluating. When it comes to the worse this thing is already down 99.9% from the ICO. The chances are definitely on the upside.

You can buy mobius with a discount on gate.io


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