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The HXRO team is bringing the fun back to cryptocurrency trading. HXRO is a cryptocurrency trading platform with a special touch. Presenting users with a simpler way to be involved with the market, Hxro offers perpetual, time-based digital derivatives products.

Inspired by traditional markets, but giving it the twist that everyone unconsciously loves, social gaming, which in turn gives us its core products being pari-mutuel.

For those are not familiar with the term, it’s a system that aggregates all positions of the same type into a pool, with the winning positions sharing the rewards invested in the pool.

This basically boils down everything to one question, up or down. You can approach this style of trading however you want, be it applying your extensive technical analysis experience, your sense of the market, or just trusting in lady luck, in this random 50/50 chance wagers everyone can win.

What this platform does best, is specifically this, create a space where everyone can thrive, new and experienced users alike, bringing forth the most important aspect of adoption, accessibility.


This is the go-to and flagship product of Hxro. The purpose of this instrument is for traders to identify the directional movement of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and surprisingly, traditional assets like Gold, Oil, and even some popular stock market Indices, like US30 , during a specified period of time.

These contracts time period range from 1-min to 1-day, and you have to choose whether it will go up (aka Moon) or down (aka Rekt).

At the designated open for each contract, the locked price is displayed. The locked price is the strike price for the contract. At the end of the contract, when the clock reaches 00:00, the closed price is calculated.

It seems that other instruments were planned during the beta but are not in the live version.

Hxro Token

The only two currencies supported for trading on the platform, are currently HXRO and BTC.

And as for any native platform token, there are benefits to holding it while you trade.

Hxro gives fee discounts in the form of rebates to its token holders, higher HXRO holdings lead to higher rebates.

These tokens we’re previously sold in an ICO at a price of $0.02.

On July 23, 2019, the Hxro Treasury performed an unannounced burn of 575,000,000 HXRO tokens. This was done to better align their token supply with forward looking platform economics. This reduced the maximum supply of HXRO from 1,575,000,000 to 1,000,000,000.

The current HXRO Token details are as follows:

  • Market Cap: $9,368,386 USD
  • Market Cap ATH: $9,421,420 USD
  • Current price: $0.093434 USD
  • Price ATH: $0.097437 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 100,267,333 HXRO
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 HXRO
  • Total % of the supply released so far:  10.0267%

User Interface

The UI of Hxro represents exactly what it is, a gambling site. Have you ever wondered why casinos use the colors they do? The music, the crowds, everything is designed to suck you in and make you play more and for longer.

That is exactly the feeling we get with Hxro, really bright colors and fast moving numbers, its addicting to be in this page, just like Bitmex.

And this is not something bad, as it designed to do exactly what it should, and it works.

Moving on to the user experience, everything is nicely laid out to know what is going on without having to go into another tab. You get your contracts, chart, balance, and other relevant details with a simple look, and with just a few clicks you are already deciding whether the asset is mooning or getting rekt.

Hxro trading interface.

Social Media

They have decided to focus primarily on the most used crypto social medias, which are easily identifiable as Telegram and Twitter.

Their Telegram group seems to be quite active for only having around 2000 members, there is a constant influx of new users, and people asking questions.

Which shows that the community although small is active and growing.

Admins are there to assist with any inquiries or issues you are having.

For Twitter they are doing a great job, showing constant ways of interacting with their community, and a steady stream of news and updates regarding their platform.


The HXRO project is founded from a well-rounded and experienced team.

Dan Gunsberg – CEO

Former Principal and Chief Operating Officer of global proprietary trading firm. Co-Founder of crypto trading and investment fund, Gordian Block.

Rob Levy – President / Co-Founder

Derivates trader and market-maker with 20+ years of experience, spent most of his years trading interest rate derivatives, has also spent six years as an executive at a proprietary trading firm.

Arra Derderian – Lead Software Engineer

Has over fourteen years of software development and cloud architecture experience. Eleven years concentrated on building a startup digital agency in Boston, MA. Currently focused on Digital Construction and solving some of the most exciting challenges in the industry today.


Hxro brings us something that no other project so far has done with success. An easy wager-based gameplay, with an intuitive interface. So far, they have been showing a lot dedication to this project and how they want it to grow.

Community support has also been pretty high, as this is a new way of accessing the market without requiring a lot of technical knowledge.

This is definitely a project that everyone should take a look at, but be careful as this can get pretty addicting pretty fast.

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