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CryptoCue wants to help you grow, and in order to do so we’re creating the material for you to learn.

This material comes in the form of different blog posts, along with YouTube videos and support on the telegram groups for the respective topics:

  • Email: support@cryptocue.io. If you prefer a slower pace, we can answer questions and guide you through at your own rate.
  • Blog posts: read the content we publish. It will help you set up algorithmic trading, learn about different technical indicators & history and provide sources so you can tap into books by recognized traders of the field. Feel free to comment on the respective posts that might generate doubts.
  • CryptoCue public chat: don’t be shy, ask any questions related to charts or cryptocurrencies and the community will help you.
  • Freqtrade chat: ask any algorithmic questions, strategy and other inquiries regarding algorithmic trading.
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Let’s now talk about simple concepts that will make your life easier.

Trading Concepts

  • Cryptocurrencies: coins or tokens that are generated through cryptographic means. They usually rely on having a consensus algorithm so users can agree on the ledger of transactions.
  • Tokens: coins that run on respective blockchains. Examples: erc20 tokens which run on Ethereum, tokens that run on Waves blockchain, tokens that run on Omni which run on top of bitcoin (e.g. tether). They usually rely on the main blockchain as a medium of transfer so they don’t have consensus algorithms of their own.
  • Exchanges: marketplace where securities or financial assets are traded.
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges: marketplace where cryptocurrencies are traded, e.g., Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin.
  • Order books: an order book is the list of orders that a marketplace uses to record the interest of buyers and sellers in a particular financial instrument. A matching engine uses the book to determine fulfilling order.
  • Orders: its an instruction to buy or sell on a trading marketplace.
  • Order types: there are multiple order types:
    • Market order: is an order to buy or sell an asset immediately. This type of order guarantees execution of the order but does not guarantee the execution price.
    • Limit order: is an order to buy or sell at specific price or better.
    • Stop order: is an order to buy or sell an asset when it reaches the given price.
Usually stop orders require 2 inputs, stop price and limit price (if its not market) where the order will be set. So if you bought at 100 and price reaches 95 then sell for 90, then the trading engine will set your order at 90 when the price reaches 95, thus if there’s anybody buying between 90-95, it will sell it to them immediately. If this is not done at market price, and your order does not execute immediately, it might be left on the order book and require manual intervention.

In addition to our multiple learning forms/ways, we also have a private Telegram channel sending valuable market information:

CryptoCue Private Telegram Channel

On this channel we usually share charts of the trades we have executed. These trades contain entry price, Take profit 1, Take Profit 2 and stop-loss. They can contain more 1 take profit or 3 take profits.

Usually we divide the position in equal parts to sell at given targets. If you decide to take our shared trades, you should make sure to try to randomize your sell targets using ours as reference.

Feel free to decide what amount you want to sell at each target or decide for your self your own take profit targets. For example:

#ZEN/BTC #Binance - Multiple sma/ema crosses 


Entry: 0.000518
TP1: 0.000553
TP2: 0.000652
SL: 0.000471

We might also share charts, important news that might require your attention and general information that we believe traders in the crypto market should pay attention to.

CryptoCue Algorithmic Trades

In addition to our charts and trades, we have added a bot that shares our Algorithmic trades in the main private channel. These trades happen against USDT and involve a trailing-stop and 1 take profit. Do know that you are free to take profits whenever you want and we encourage that you make your own conscious decision whenever you enter a trade. We share our executed trades, we do NOT signal calls nor give out financial advise of any kind.



Binance: Buying MATIC/USDT @ 0.01415000


Binance: Selling MATIC/USDT
Open Rate: 
Current Rate: 
Sell Reason: 

Status table

  ID  Pair        Since    Profit 
 ----  ----------  -------  -------- 
   31  XMR/USDT    6 d      0.37% 
   36  BCH/USDT    2 d      2.42% 
   37  LTC/USDT    2 d      0.72% 
   38  EOS/USDT    2 d      10.60% 
   42  ETH/USDT    2 d      0.01% 
   43  TRX/USDT    1 d      -0.14% 
   44  MATIC/USDT  10 h     -0.41%

The take profit for all trades is 40%. The stop-loss initially is set to -10% and as soon as the profits hit 20%, it will move the stop-loss to 17.5% profits above entry price. Then, it will try to trail the stop-loss using highest price reached by given coin.

For example: if a coin reaches 25% profit then it would’ve moved the stop-loss to 22.5% profit.

CryptoCue plans

CryptoCue has 3 plans. What you get from each of them is:

  • CryptoCue free:
    1. You get access to our public channel where we share some of the information from the private channel with a delay of 6 hours in between.
    2. Occasional coin report
    3. Free blog posts in our blog
  • CryptoCue Essential:
    1. Premium content that can only be seen by members on our blog.
    2. Access to our private telegram channel
    3. Up-to-date coin reports
    4. Private calendar events (this is a work in progress as we’re changing the current methodology)
    5. Mentorship and support over private message in regards of your manual trading
  • CryptoCue Professional:
    1. Everything from Essential
    2. Mentor ship and support over private message and telegram phone-calls in regards of your manual trading and algorithmic trading
    3. Personalized code reviews of your own strategy and guidelines to fully automate your own trading strategy in python3 using freqtrade
Join the CryptoCue public channel HERE

CryptoCue encourages you to be independent and make conscious decisions about your own trading. Please do not blindly follow any of the trades we share as they are meant as an educational content rather than financial advise.

Make sure to read our disclaimer before venturing.

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