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What is the HedgeTrade

HedgeTrade is a platform built around the idea of social trading. Where the trader presents ideas to the community and the users have the option to buy prediction “blueprints” to these trade ideas. 

Therefore successful traders will earn and build a reputation, increasing exposure and trust to the users. As a result, users have some assurance that there is some level of knowledge as the traders providing the ideas have a verifiable track record.

HedgeTrade’s Underlying Economic Model

Despite being concerned with information related to trading, no actual trading with cryptocurrencies or other assets in the manner resembling cryptocurrency exchanges is currently possible on the HedgeTrade platform. The reason for this is the fact that HedgeTrade is all about providing access to information, not to specific assets.

Their payout system is organized along the following lines:

  • In case a Trading idea is deemed successful, HedgeTrade will charge a 50% commission fee on the total amount HEDG tokens that users spent to buy the Trading idea, while the rest goes to the blueprint creator.
  • In case a Trading idea is evaluated as successful but it lacked buyers, a 5% commission fee is charged on the total amount of staked HEDG tokens.
  • If a Trading idea is considered unsuccessful, a 50% commission fee will be charged on the total amount of HEDG tokens that the creator staked, with the rest being sent to the users who bought the blueprint.


David Waslen

CEO & Co-Founder

David has a background in venture capital and private equity with extensive experience managing growing businesses. He holds a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from London Business School.

Peter Danihel


Peter is a self-taught programmer and an experienced options trader. He has a breadth of experience with app development and building tech companies, including the sale of several internet businesses.

Frank Danihel

Director of Operations

Frank has over 10 years of dedicated involvement in the software and IT sector, facilitating solutions for energy producers, governments and regulators, banks, and educational institutions.

Rhys Boulanger

Director of Marketing

Rhys is an experienced internet entrepreneur with an extensive background in guerrilla marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Analytical research.

Coin Details

  • Market Cap: $500,337,201 USD
  • Market Cap ATH: $804,306,676 USD
  • Current price: $1.74 USD
  • Price ATH: $2.79 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 288,208,798 HEDG
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 HEDG
  • Total % of the supply released so far:  28.82%

Social Media

Telegram: They don’t have a telegram group where the team can communicate and interact with the community. Telegram has proven itself as a communication bridge and to not take advantage of this would be a mistake.

What they have is a Telegram announcements channel with only 1016 members. Where they have posted a total of 8 messages since November 2018, with only 3 of them related to HedgeTrade.

They also have a blog post, which if you look at briefly, you might think they have a lot of content and are actually working hard. But when you take a moment to actually look at the content you start asking yourself, what does all of this have to do with HedgeTrade. And the answer to that is absolutely nothing.

What it looks like is just another news outlet, with a plethora of COVID-19 articles, quarantine, economy, and other random cryptocurrency topics, like how to create a bitcoin wallet.

And we’re not even going to detail their other social media like Twitter and Instagram because it’s basically the same as the blog, random news that has nothing to do with their project HedgeTrade.


The general idea of the platform is actually a really good one. Giving people that don’t have the time, the expertise or the knowledge of creating profitable trading ideas.

At the end of the day, this is basically, a new kind of paid trading group. Where you can actually see how profitable and accurate a trader is, before buying into their ideas. As opposed to the conventional paid groups where you have to believe in “reputation”.

Where it all seems to fall short is everywhere else. To start off, the platform commission fees are insanely high, at the point of being absurd, they always charge 50%, no matter what side you are on.

Next, their team is kind of sketchy, the only one that has information about HedgeTrade on their LinkedIn is the CEO, and the company only has him listed as an employee. They don’t show much information about themselves or even a profile picture on their website.

And to top things off, how does a project that seems to be dead on the surface, has a $500 million market cap. Without even being listed on Binance or any other high profile exchange. And it’s not like this is something that had a peak in the 2017 crypto Bullrun and has maintained its position ever since. It literally came out of nowhere, a project that most people probably have never heard about. There is definitely something fishy going on here.

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