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Dusk Network, in simple words, is what you get when you merge Monero and Ethereum. A heavy privacy-focused coin that features smart contracts, allowing developers to code programs on the blockchain, and above all, host STOs.

The project launched as part of the IFinex IEO program and the way that this platform talks about this project says a lot about what to expect from them.

We selected the most promising blockchain protocol, Dusk Network. Its comprehensive smart contract standards facilitate the tokenization process.


Dusk network approach on privacy.

There are many privacy coins out there, and each of them has its own way of hiding transaction information. Dusk network maintains privacy by combining two technologies:

Garlic routing

Uses the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) and by essentially gathering a group of transactions into a box (making it harder to track its origin and increasing transaction speeds). Each transaction has its own delivery instructions, that only reveal at the end.

Secure Tunnel Switching

When making a transaction, a line is opened up to the address you wish to send the funds via a number of nodes on the network. When a certain amount of time is exceeded a new line is opened and as soon as both in sync the old one closes, this process is known as Bitmatching.

This increases privacy as the nodes won’t hold more than a certain amount of encrypted information nor will it be vulnerable to targeted attacks on the network.

Dusk’s Security Token Offerings:

Instead of going for regular ICOs as every other project does nowadays, dusk chooses to do Security Token Offerings (STO).

Similar to an ICO where an investor exchanges money for coins or tokens representing their investment. However, unlike ICOs, STO’s take it a step further and distribute tokens that fall under the status of securities. They are linked to an underlying investment asset in a way like stocks, bonds, real estate investment trusts (REIT) or other funds.

As such, security token offerings distribute securities. These are tokens that are fungible, negotiable financial instruments with attached monetary value, like a part of property or company.

Coin Details

Market Cap: $6,670,551 USD
Market Cap ATH(all-time-high): $16,319,027 USD
Current price: $0.052444 USD
Current price ATH(all-time-high): $0.7287 USD
Circulating Supply: 127,193,384 DUSK
Total Supply: 500,000,000 DUSK
Total % of the supply released so far: 25.438%

Dusk Team

The Dusk team is formed by various technical, business and marketing experts, each excelling in their own field. But the leadership of the team comes from the founders Emanuele Francioni and Fulvio Venturelli.


Emanuele Francioni serves as the current project and tech lead, with over 20 years of experience in R&D, tech leadership and software development. Together with Fulvio has published four patents in the area of IoT, sensor networking and blockchain.


Jelle Pol works as the head in the business team over at DUSK. Played a key role in the Technical innovation department at Shell, as he was the founder of the blockchain team. Becoming Project Manager for the first three Blockchain projects at Shell.


Fulvio Venturelli is a software engineer at heart. Specializes in project management, software architecture, and infrastructure. Together with Emanuele, he published four patents in the realm of IoT, sensor networking, positioning system, and blockchain.


Mels Dees is an experienced digital growth strategist. Prior to starting at Dusk, he founded a blockchain consultancy where he builds go-to-market strategies for newly funded companies.


The team has reached every milestone that they have listed on their roadmap, leaving just Q1 2020 to fulfill it. Therefore, they should probably be releasing an update to their roadmap in early 2020.

It will be interesting to see how the project progresses over the coming few months. If they are able to keep to their timelines then it could provide a positive boost for the project. If you want to keep up to date then you should keep an eye on their medium blog.


The team tries to keep the most popular social media for crypto users very active. Their Telegram group has around ~12k members with an active community and team of moderators. Twitter, on the other hand, sees some activity from time to time but nothing out of the ordinary.

Where they seem to excel however is their Medium blog, as they post a lot of news of ongoing projects within and outside of the network. Their GitHub is not as active as some other coins but it definitely sees a fair share of contributions, which means that the project is always being worked on.


With so many other projects being developed in this crypto sphere it’s often hard to find something that’s unique, and whether or not it actually serves a real purpose.

And that’s what the Dusk Network brings to the game. STO’s are something that will change the market, as the team takes priority when it comes to meeting the standards required by governing bodies.

A team that has the extensive knowledge needed to push a project this complex ahead of the others and achieves the goals that they set for themselves. In our opinion DUSK is a great project that we wish to see flourish in the future.

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