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COTI is trying to bring forth a new seamless digital payment system, firstly by giving the user full control over their money and data. According to them, Blockchain technology is not yet ready, as complexity, instability, and lack of scalability, therefore makes it hard to reach for the general public.

That’s why they have developed this new consensus algorithm based on machine learning, called the Trustchain.

“The payment industry is over a trillion-dollar that hasn’t been innovated or changed for 30 years”


The core of COTI

The Trustchain lies on a multi-DAG (directed acyclic graph) data structure (Similar to IOTA). Which works in tandem to address current blockchain shortcomings and drive up scalability, processing over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).

Their goal with this new technology is to transfigure current crypto projects. Therefore, becoming the base layer upon which future decentralized solutions are built.

Trustchain’s advantages

One-click payment requests: Payment request is COTI’s unique solution for one-click payments. Which can be embedded directly into merchant websites for easy checkout.

Arbitration service and buyer-seller protections: COTI has developed an Arbitration Service that offers dispute resolution through a decentralized collective of highly trusted network participants.

Privacy: Privacy is a standout for COTI, to clarify, transactions cannot be tracked back to a specific user, as a multi-address is implemented for each transaction by a one-way hash function.

Fees: The COTI network uses a transparent and equitable fee model, as a result, guarantees that all fees are distributed and balanced between network participants.

Trust Score Update Algorithm (TSUA): Collects data on user behavior and to relay the information to decentralized Trust Score Nodes. Trust Scores are used by the Trustchain Algorithm to validate and confirm transactions faster.

Stable coin framework: The COTI MultiDAG, together with COTI smart contracts and the possibility of multiple genesis transactions, allows for the creation of high-performance stable coins.


COTI Pay is the flagship application on the COTI platform offering the following features for consumers and merchants alike.


On the consumer’s end, the platform will provide Debit cards.  Connecting directly with the Pay wallet, as a result, allowing the users to spend their crypto on the go.

The platform also allows users to transfer coins supported on the COTI platform to other users. Based on the users trust score, this will be either free or at a very low cost.


  • Point of Sale (POS)

COTI offers a full POS software suite that integrates with COTI Pay. Therefore, allowing the merchants to take advantage of COTI pay and normal credit and debit transactions. All that is required at the consumer and merchant end is access to the application on a mobile device. This lowers the entry barrier by firstly removing the necessity of proprietary hardware, only needing a mobile phone.

  • Processing Tools

COTI Pay is developing processing tools that will enable merchants to start accepting payments from COTI Pay wallet holders. 

Consumers who visit COTI Pay-powered merchants’ websites, but don’t have a COTI Pay wallet will be invited to open a wallet as part of the checkout process (something like PayPal checkout process). Merchants will be able to choose whether they wish to connect to COTI Pay’s payment rails via API or by embedding an iFrame into their websites.

COTI Pay merchants will have access to a dashboard that provides detailed data and reporting functionality on their COTI Pay transactions. Giving the merchant the option to select which currency to accept, as well as their preferred settlement currencies. 

Coin Details

  • Market Cap: $11,055,533 USD
  • Market Cap ATH: $11,178,398 USD
  • Current price: $0.035406 USD
  • Price ATH: $0.105921 USD
  • Circulating Supply: 312,250,374 COTI
  • Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 COTI
  • Total % of the supply released so far:  15.61%

Social Media

COTI is a really promising project and every project needs exposure and to be somehow reachable to the upcoming public.

COTI does a great job of keeping their community well informed, as their most popular social media show a great number of contributions on a frequent basis.

The main focus seems to be on their Medium Blog, as this is where they are the most active. For instance, their posts range from case studies to announcements and informative blogs can be found on their profile. Frequently updating the community on milestones and breakthroughs.

Their Twitter game is also on point. Even though they don’t seem to engage very much with the community, they don’t hesitate to answer any community inquiry.

They also seem to have a lot of presence all over the internet. Having a huge number of articles written about the project by highly reputable writers, for example, Forbes, Nasdaq, Google, among others.


Shahaf Bar-Geffen

Shahaf Bar-Geffen is a graduate from Tel Aviv University, and former CEO of WEB3 Group, a company that specializes in innovative digital media and develops advanced advertising solutions.

Nir Haloani
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Nir Haloani is the current Chief Technology Officer for COTI  Group, with experience from being a former Research Team Leader at IBM, and being in the founding team of a couple of other technology start-ups.

David Assaraf
Co-founder, COO

David Assaraf serves as the current Chief Operating Officer at COTI Group.  A former financial advisor at the KPMG, Internal Auditor for HSBC, and examiner in the credit risk unit of the Central Bank of Israel’s banking supervision department.


In short, this project aims to use blockchain technology to overhaul today’s payment system model. What I like about this proposal is that they are not trying to reinvent the wheel, to clarify, they are just using blockchain to strengthen the weaknesses of the current system.

But in this way, they are virtually building a payment platform where the cost is marginal and the speed is tremendous, while at the same time it’s able to process a number of payments that no other competitors can match at this point.

Giving the accessibility required to go mainstream, as COTI Pay can process almost all payments, online and offline, including credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and even native coins.

So far they have been handling themselves extremely well in all aspects, from the work they provide, to how they manage the community with transparency.

If they manage to actually pull through and deliver everything that is on their plate, this has a lot of future.


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